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[Short Post Series] Small Consistent Habits For Healthy Life

This post was inspired by an article about the author’s Japanese grandfather who is 95 years old and how he sticks to a routine for a long happy life.

He takes early morning walks and does some intentional workouts. I am not a gym person or fitness person so honestly it’s difficult for me to keep myself doing exercise. My morning walks would be more like taking my kids to school and that’s it. I think I’d trade for gardening at this point in my life instead of workout.

I have intended to keep writing blog posts regularly ever since I started this blog but it is clear to me that keeping up with the writing has not been consistent. Maybe I should try short posts instead of long form just to get my writing habit up and going instead of overthinking of new ideas.

He makes time for new hobbies. Well, for me my hobbies would be playing the piano (that I do in the weekend) and home organizing and decorating.

He takes multiple naps. I used not to like taking naps because then it throws me off my schedule and sleep time. As I grow older, it gets harder to control being awake when I do feel sleepy. So, whenever I feel sleepy now I let myself take a short nap. According to health resources, daytime naps are healthy to keep aging brain young and increase alertness.

He eats indulgent meals. My meals are generally quite healthy and most importantly, I keep a well balanced diet. I may adjust a bit of beverage intake to include hot tea at the end of the meals especially greasy meals.

In summary, I will try to incorporate these small habits into my own life. I am not looking for big changes but hopefully small habits can help build a better and healthier body and mind.