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Learning About Diabetes

I eat a lot of vegetables daily but to my surprise, I was told during doctor’s visit that I am considered on the higher borderline of blood sugar level. Another words, I am pre-diabetes. As I started to research about diabetes, I started to realized some of the health and skin conditions that I have may very well be linked to blood sugar level being high.

Most recently I found to have skin tags under my eye. I relate that to me aging. I also discovered fat tissue that seems to be lipoma all over different parts of my body. Fat tissue on my face, under eyes, under skin of my arms. For the longest time, I struggle with itchy skin on my lower left leg. Now, I think it is due to poor blood circulation, which is also related to diabetes.

Having both high blood sugar and high cholesterol is concerning to me at my age especially how these conditions will only get worse as I get older. It can lead to many other conditions such as fatty liver.

I need to change my eating habits, lifestyle and diets to keep my health and skin under control. Here are some of the changes I need to make:

  • Cut out added sugar in cooking and eating (including honey and syrup)
  • Drink coffee with no added sugar
  • Avoid corn and ultra-processed foods (boxed or canned or frozen)
  • Quit drinking soda or juice or lemonade
  • Choose healthier oil such as extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil
  • Reduce refined carbohydrate (white rice, white bread, white pasta)
  • Skip crackers and chips (swap for sweet potato)
  • Focus more on healthy protein (egg and fish)
  • Load up on non-starchy vegetables (less potato)
  • Enjoy fruits in moderation

One difficulty I see with going no sugar diet is finding non-sugar food from off the shelf. Instead of leaving out sugar entirely, off-the-shelf food manufacturers add artificial sweetener, or processed sweetener. I prefer non sweetener. I bought a zero-sugar cookie and peanut butter wafer recently, but they taste very sweet despite the nutrition list says it has no added sugar. The strong taste of sweetness was actually quite overwhelming and artificial, to such an extend they seemed even more unhealthier. The only way to find the non-sugar healthier version of similar food is through trial and error. From this experience, I will not be purchasing the so called zero sugar snacks specifically the Voortman (sugar-free cookie or wafer) again.

Whether my psoriasis is related to high blood sugar level, auto-immune symptom is still yet to be confirmed but I feel they are indeed related. Given that my psoriasis only appear on my lower part of my left leg, it seems I may also have poor blood circulation associated with high blood glucose level. In addition to applying topical cortisol cream on the inflamed skin, I am now wearing compression socks. It has helped for now, I scratch less frequently and the skin appears to heal somewhat with reduced swelling. I hope by wearing compression socks in promoting blood flow, my skin will return to looking normal again.