best things to do during coronavirus quarantine

Top 10 Things To Do (Or You’ll Regret Not Doing) During Coronavirus Quarantine

We are experiencing unprecedented times and events in our lives right now but there’s nothing that we cannot overcome collectively. Together we will get through this and beat this virus as well as the fear and market turmoil it sparked.

While we are doing our part to social distance from potentially spreading virus unknown to us, there are things we can do to best utilize time at home that we will be glad we did once the pandemic is over. Here’s a list of things we can all use our time for while we go about our lives as normal as possible.

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1. Stay home to flatten pandemic’s curve can save lives

By the time a given community has a confirmed case of coronavirus, it is highly likely that as many as 1000 people already infected. In order to contain the virus, we cannot wait until a confirmed case to start staying home.

Given the spread and cases growing rapidly at global scale, the least everyone can do to help flatten the curve is by staying at home. It is to protect yourself, your family, your community.

Even you think you are healthy and won’t get sick, think about the difference you make by not spreading the virus to more people. Let’s protect others who are vulnerable to this virus especially seniors and people with medical conditions.

2. Stock up on necessities but don’t hoard

Many cities around the world have ordered self-isolation or quarantine or even lockdown. To lessen the need to go out for essential or grocery shopping, every household should start stocking up necessities.

In California where we live, I think we’ll need to stock enough for about a month given the quarantine order has already been in place.

Stock up to the amount that you need, but don’t selfishly hoard unnecessarily out of fear.

Supermarkets that we go to have started putting limit for essential foods and household goods, we are limited to 2 bottles of 1 gallon milk of any kind per household.

While I know we will easily run out of milk since my 3 year old drink at least 32oz daily, we just have to adapt to this new circumstances and make adjustments ahead with or without alternatives.

3. Stay healthy and reduce stress

While we all are practicing social distancing and staying at home all day, it is important that we continue to stay healthy. That means keep your exercise routine but do it indoor.

Cook at home and eat nutrition foods.

Avoid binge watching that compromises sleep at night, because sleep is the #1 most important thing you need that boost your immune system in order to stay healthy.

If you are sick, for the sake of people around you in your house as well as anyone outside when you do go out, wear a mask.

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