when to buy Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet stock

When To Buy Mega-Cap Tech Stocks In This Market Sell-Off?

Thought this was an interesting take of the stock prices on the AAMG mega-cap tech companies. I never followed any market analyst advice on what prices to buy and own a specific stock. Most analyst don’t even feel confident enough to take a position when it comes to stock prices and how low is low but Craig’s report showed his resistance and level of confidence at the same time I thought was worth keeping eyes on for what I could possibly learn from this.

Market Analyst Craig Johnson said on CNBC’s Trading Nation on Monday (Mar 17th, 2020).

On Microsoft:

“… if we see this stock pull back to say the $140 or $132 level area, you’ve got a lot of support down there from a long-term chart perspective. And if you’re a long-term investor, this is where you want to buy it,”

On Apple:

“He notes that the $225 level would present an opportunity to buy, a 10% drop from where it currently trades. It has not traded at those levels since September.”

On Amazon and Alphabet:

“Amazon and Alphabet also have potential if they see a bigger drop. He identifies the $1,700 level for Amazon and $1,000 for Alphabet as buy spots.”

Read the full article here: This is when to buy Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet stock from CNBC.

He also shared his thought about Tesla back in Dec 2nd, 2019.

On Tesla:

“Tesla’s multiyear chart shows that Tesla’s stock has for the most part traded between roughly $240 and $385 per share.”

Johnson said he was looking to take money out of the stock at the current level (in December) and wait for shares of Tesla to revert back to the lower end of the trading range at $290 or below before becoming a buyer.

It seems we are going back to that trading range once again as the stock continues to plunge.

Read the full article here: Here’s where the pros would buy in for Tesla from CNBC.

The information here is for informational purpose only and should not constitute financial or investing advice. I am not a finance professional.

What are your thoughts on this or the whole stock market right now? No matter what’s going on in the market, the most important thing now is to stay healthy. With good health, we human is capable of overcoming any adversity.

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