Invest In Yourself And Your Future Career (Part 2)

Whether we reinvent ourselves after 40 depends on individual’s happiness level. For somebody who is perfectly happy with what they do every day and would be as excited to continue do that for the next 5 or 10 years, you may not need to reinvent yourself. But even if you don’t need to reinvent yourself, it is still important to invest in yourself. I’d like to think of it as a constant need as a way to be fulfilled in order to not feel empty as a human being on earth. Invest in yourself and you can invest in others.

If you haven’t checked out the part 1 of this Ultimate Guide To Investing In Yourself (2020): Personal Development, please start there first and then come back to the part 2 here. When talk about investing in yourself, we must look at all aspects of our lives because the key to living a fulfilled lives is when balance and harmony is reached. Not every aspects will be equally great, that’s not the point but at least maintaining some balance without neglecting some part of yourself.

Remember this:

So with part 1 all about Personal Development, which I dedicated the whole post to that alone, the next parts include career, health (physical), mindset (mental), wealth and relationship. Career being the focus of this specific post for now. Below are some ideas we can implement to help expand our future possibilities.


Having a meaningful career is critical in feeling a sense of purpose. Our professional life and personal life when equally satisfying will increase the level of our happiness. If you are on a job that you dread about going to do the work every morning, it’s time to reassess your why and figure out something that you like to do instead that will also pay the bills.

For people who has built a career they love now can still be looking at ways to either boost their current career or future career to stay ahead. Investing in yourself not only improve your career options but also increase your lifetime earning power.

1. Start a side job / freelance / business

Do you have a desire to switch career at some point? Perhaps to leave a 9 to 5 job. Or a desire to start a side job or freelance or business.

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