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How To Make Money Blogging

I have been reading a lot of blogs that seemingly writing about how to make money blogging but every article that you end up reading, it comes down to a few things. Courses, ebooks, digital content, youtube, instagram, membership.

I don’t want this to be yet another blog post that repeats whatever every blogger has already written about. If you wonder some of these are actually money from blogging or something else altogether, I don’t blame you, I feel the same. They aren’t directly income from blogging, more appropriately, they are income you can possibly make from online.

But, what about ways to truly make money from blogging? That is the focus and topic of this post. I know a few that really work and I plan to update the list over time as I continue to find more income streams from blogging that work well. Today I am going to share 3 ways that are the best for anyone looking to make money from blogging (including ways for beginners).

First is affiliate marketing. It is one of the more lucrative opportunities and income streams with high potential directly from blogging. Not to make it sound easy, websites or blogs that are able to monetize from affiliate marketing is because they have really good content that continuously attract users and traffic, only with a sizable traffic or pageviews that they are able to eventually make enough commission off of affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliate Marketing: Web Hosting Platforms

I know for sure one source of income streams that you can definitely make from blogging as a beginner is affiliate marketing specifically for web hosting platforms. It is not a secret and if you noticed, every blog has a “how to start a blog” page that gives step by step guide. (I have one too. Ha!) The most popular one is definitely Bluehost. They stated it on their website that for every referred visitor, you can earn $65 for each qualified sign up. Not bad, eh?

But, like I said, without traffic to your blog, there will be no extra income. So, you need great content that attracts an audience and with traffic comes visitors, and if you are able to build trust, visitors will seek your recommendation and with that, you can make some extra income through referral or affiliate. The key is content. Now, go make content that is going to provide value to your readers first and foremost.

In case you haven’t created a blog yet and have been thinking about starting one, I have a tutorial for you on How To Start A Blog In 5 Easy Steps Under $5 ($3.95/month) to help you get started. I simplified the guide so you can get set up quickly, no excuse can hold you back now.

2. Blog Sponsorships

The second real way of making money blogging is blog sponsorships whether through sponsored posts or advertisements.

Sponsored posts can be done in any of the following ways:

  • Posts written by the sponsor
  • Posts written by the blogger that bring brand awareness
  • Product reviews
  • Giveaways

A sponsored content or post can be either paid or in exchange for products.

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