seo tips that grow blog traffic

10 Effective SEO Tips That Will Grow Your Blog Traffic

You love creating and sharing and that is why you have started a blog or website. Now, wouldn’t it be more fun knowing that there are people who actually read what you share? But before that, they have to be able to find you.

That is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) matters because it is essentially how search engines like Google allow others to discover your blog. The higher you rank on search results for particular keywords, the more likely people will land on your pages.

So here I put together a list of 10 effective SEO tips that every blog must know in order to grow your audience.

1. Research Topic and Keywords

Before you even start writing any posts, you might think about what topic to blog about. This is a good time to do a little bit of research to validate the topic and keywords are the ones that people are interested in reading.

Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner are 2 separate tools that are very helpful when researching for topics and keywords.

Google Trends is especially helpful for 2 reasons when you enter a search term:

  • It shows related topics and queries
  • Gives recently trending searches

Google Keyword Planner is similar but provide more extensive results:

  • Keyword search volume
  • Relevant keyword ideas

Both of these tools are free.

2. Create Blog Format Types That Captivate Audience

  • How-To guides
  • List style posts (“Best of” or Tips list posts)
  • Visual posts
  • Personal stories

How-To Guides

It’s easy to understand why How-To guides are so welcomed. They are tutorials that are designed to teach something. It serves a purpose in the way that people who want to learn will need them. Tutorials with step-by-step guides provide an easy to follow instructions that ensures that a certain goal is met upon completion.

List Style Posts (“Best of” / “Top X Tips”)

Similarly, list style posts are the 2nd most popular type blogs. They are usually formatted with headings and subheadings that make reading and finding information easier. 

Visual Posts

People often say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Adding images that are relevant is a powerful way to send your message across. It is also very effective when you provide step-by-step instructions with screenshots. Images are simply easier to digest. Visuals add colors and moods when done correctly stimulate positive emotions and feelings.

3. Write Catchy (Max CTR) Headlines

  • Numbers
  • Emotional words


Numbers and digits stand out in a group of alphabet letters. So try to use them in headlines or titles as a way to grab your readers’ attention. Titles with number will improve the Click-Through rate, which will help with the Google ranking.

Emotional Words

Besides keywords in your headlines, emotional words tend to attract people to click through and read. Some examples of emotional words are:


4. Make Your Posts Easy To Read

  • Spacing and padding
  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Bulleted list

Spacing And Padding

Nobody likes crammed website or blog.

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